The Beach Class is for the competitors who want to be is the GBO Men's Physique version. The judges are looking for the mainstream look and a marketable physique. A lean well conditioned physique is key while showcasing lean muscle. In this category you will be wearing boardshorts. 


Junior Beach Category: 23yrs and 364 days & under.

Beginners Beach Category: Open to competitors who are in there first year in competing. This will start from the 1st January to 31st December. Checks will be made to ensure you have not competed in the previous year. If you are found out you will be disqualified from your class and will receive no refund.

Masters Beach O35s Categories: 35yrs and over.

Masters Beach O45s Categories: 45yrs and over.

Men's Beach Category: Open to all ages.

  • All Men’s Beach Categories: Board Shorts
  • No props or gum are permitted on stage.
  • Lying on the floor is prohibited.
  • No bumping or shoving. Anyone involved in any aggressive behaviour will be disqualified.
  • Competitor numbers to be worn on the left hand-side of your bottoms.


Round 1: I Walk

You will perform 1 pose at the first point followed by 4 poses at the final point which will be closest to the judges in the best light. YOU MUST only do 4 poses. If you exceed this number you will be told to return to the line-up.
You can do ANY poses. You have no restrictions what’s so ever.

Round 2: Comparisons (Quarter Turns)

Pose 1: Front Pose

Pose 2: Side Pose – your choice

Pose 3: Back Pose Open Arms Biceps

Pose 4: Side Pose – your choice

Pose 5: Front Pose

Pose 6: Open Arm Biceps 

Round 3: 30 Seconds Pose Down (if requested by judges)