Competitors will be judged on posing as well as physical appearance, in both, individual and comparison rounds. Both rounds will consist of quarter turns and mandatory poses. Depending on the division a competitor enters, there are several different posing categories. Below is a breakdown of each division with details regarding proper competition attire, presentation and mandatory posing.


Bodybuilding Amateur Classes:

Junior (23 and under)

Masters O40s 

Beginner (first year athletes only)

Under 75kg

Under 85kg

Under 95kg

Under 105kg

Over 105kg

Bodybuilding PRO Classes:

Open Bodybuilding (all weights).

  • Bodybuilding posing suit, plain in color, standard “V” shape covering at least 2/3 of your buttocks.

  • No props or gum are permitted on stage.
  • Lying on the floor is prohibited.
  • No bumping or shoving. Anyone involved in any aggressive behaviour will be disqualified.
  • Competitor numbers to be worn on the left hand-side of your bottoms.


Round 1: Individual Round

During pre-judging each competitor will be called out to centre stage where they will stand feet flat, heels touching, and arms to their side and head facing front. The head judge will ask the competitor to perform their quarter turns first.

The quarter turns consist of facing front, quarter turn facing right, facing backstage and quarter turn facing left. The head judge will then ask the competitor to complete a series of mandatory poses. Athletes will be judged on muscularity, conditioning and symmetry, a display of overall shape and muscle balance, vascularity, separation and striation.

All poses must be performed properly and in a timely manner to avoid any penalties.

Mandatory Poses:

• Front Lat Spread

• Front Double Bicep

• Side Chest

• Rear Lat Spread

• Rear Double Bicep

• Side Tricep

• Abdominal and Thigh

• Most Muscular

Round 2: Comparisons Round

Once all competitors have completed their individual rounds, the head judge will call random competitor numbers of their choice to line up on centre stage where quarter turn comparisons as well as mandatory posing comparisons will be performed. Upon completion of comparison round the head judge could call on competitors to return to stage in order to ensure proper judging and placement.

Round 3: Individual Routine

All athletes will need to perform a 60 seconds routine. Routine must not go over the time limit. Routine can consist on any poses the athlete chooses. Music must be with us no later than one week before show.

Posing Music:

Posing music must be on a CD and must be the only music on that CD. Posing music may not contain any vulgar lyrics. Music will vulgar or racial lyrics and tone will be prohibited.

Qualifying for the

PRO Show

If you win your weight class, you can be awarded GBO PRO status. This will allow you to compete in the evening PRO Show. The Bodybuilding PRO class is open to all weights. The winner of the PRO class will qualify for the Overalls where he will be up against the PRO Classic Bodybuilding winner and PRO Muscle winner. The judges will decide who out of the 3 PRO winners will be awarded the PRO Overall title.

The PRO Overall title will include a ticket to join Team GB at the GBO Atlas World Championships in USA. The ticket includes return flights and 5 day accommodation.

— Suki Hayer // NFMUK Events